Hurts So Good!

Hurts So Good Two days ago I had my third back surgery (and 9th overall). While not nearly as huge an operation as my spinal fusion 11 years ago (the same exact surgery as Tiger Woods’), I still feel like i’ve been hit by a bus. This was technically a voluntary surgery, since it was […]

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  Carrying the Right Stuff? Strength is for service—Romans 15:1-2 Carrying burdens is something we do . . . as husbands, fathers, friends . . . as men. It’s hardwired into how God designed us, built us. We carry literal burdens; we carry figurative ones. Very little of our life is not spent carrying some […]

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Right and Wrong

Article by David Hulme taken from Are moral standards in the eye of the beholder? According to one author, we’ve seriously lost our way. He says we are like men adrift at sea without a compass. As a result, moral dilemmas plague us as we look ahead to the 21st century. Something has gone terribly wrong. Many of us […]

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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit begins, carries on, and consummates in us all spiritual feeling, all spiritual worship, all spiritual life and energy. There be nothing more hollow and unreal than religion without the Holy Spirit. That which is external and superficial, that which manifests itself in mere dress, and music, and routine service may flourish without […]

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Good Enough

What Constitutes a Good Mother? With Mother’s Day upon us, I’m going to talk about mothers—one in particular. To begin with, assuming one believes his or her mother is worthy of admiration, then said esteem ought to be expressed on a frequent basis and not reserved for the second Monday in May. Also, and with […]

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I want to ask you a question. How many hours per day do you think? “I never thought about that.” So let me get this straight. You’re thinking all the time, and yet, you never think about how much time you spend thinking. That sounds like an addiction to me. I know, because I’m addicted […]

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