Mom and her children in 1975

~Our Mother and her children!~

Mom wrote on the back of this pic from so long ago:

Jr. 5
Teresa 4
Sameal 3
Rachael 1 1/2
Mary 23


2 thoughts on “Mom and her children in 1975

  1. Mom and her kids: The house was light green. These were very difficult years for us as a young family, but they were probably the best years of our life, raising you children here! The house was a mansion to us, probably a lot like you feel about your own. Many great memories. Dad


  2. You seem to be very sweet and obedient…how come?

    It is a really nice picture. Your mom did not change very much, except that she is smaller than you, now. I don’t know how she managed with 4 little children! I admire her. I am VERY busy with one. I don’t imagine myself with 4 little Joakims.

    Take care



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