Happy Mother’s Day

There seem to be fewer and fewer real mothers in the world today. A mother who takes care of her children, teaches them about Jesus, and protects them from the world is a rare jewel. Brother Branham said, “It’s not juvenile delinquency; it’s parent delinquency,” and how much more true is that today than it was 50 years ago?

They may be rare in the world, but this Message is filled with precious jewels. Brother Branham, so often, took the time to tell us how important a mother is to the family. He even called Mother the “Fifth Gospel.”

There is nothing we could say to give credit to all you mothers, but we know one who can. As always, the prophet said it best:

But alas, that was long ago. And how he used to go and run, and heard his mother set out on the front porch and call his name, sweetly and softly, “Bartimaeus, it’s nap time for my little boy.” And he would rush up to his mother, as she set on the front porch, and sang the hymns of the Psalms to him, and tell him Bible stories until he would fall asleep in her arms.

How, setting there now, as an old man, withered, hunched in the cold, he’d think of that pretty Jewish mother, her eyes just as sparkly. How she used to brush the hair back from his little baby forehead, and say, “Oh, you have such pretty little brown eyes, my boy.” And he remembered some of the Bible stories then, that she used to tell him.

I tell you, the thoughts of a good Christian mother, is a treasure to a human heart that’s never forgotten. God, give us more mothers that’ll take their children, and instead of trying to teach them tap-dancing, and something to ruin and wreck their life, will read the stories of the Bible to them and tell of them of the God of heaven and peace. God knows that we need that above all things now for motherhood.

Blind Bartimaeus 59-1127


The Unwritten Gospel

Quotes by William Marrion Branham

“What you are now is what you’re probably be the rest of your life. You’re on a changing spot.” Brother Branham told us that eighty-six percent of the conversions to Jesus Christ are done before twenty-one years old. After you pass that age, you become more molded or set in your ways. It’s not that you can’t still be saved, but it’s much rarer.
We know that God alone can call a man and save him into His glorious Kingdom. But we also know that God put a special tool on earth to teach us before we reach that crucial ‘changing spot’ in our lives. There are four Gospels written in the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Then there’s an unwritten one, and that’s mother.
A child clings to the mother from the moment it’s received into this world, and a special bond forms that remains forever. Mother is the one who nurtures and cares for a child. Mother is the one that a child goes to when they’re hurt or needing comfort. She stays home with her children day and night, raising them and teaching them to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, as it was with Jochebed and Moses, there comes a time she must let go. But a true godly mother never completely lets go of her precious love gifts from God. Her teachings will stay with her children as long as they live, and so will her love and fervent prayers.

You see, a child listens to its mother; some little touch about that mother, that a child will listen to. When it’s hurt, it’ll go to the mother for consolation before it’ll go to the father. Because she was first with it, you know. And there’s some gift that God gives a mother to be that way; I mean a real mother. Now, I believe that mothers are honorable and godly.
Mother’s Day 59-0510M

Even though you may reach that ‘changing spot’ in your life where you no longer feel you need mother, it’s her faithful upbringing to you that will echo through your heart and mind. Those are the days when mother will be on her knees most, praying for God to protect and save the soul of her baby. She stands faithful to the responsibility God gave her of raising her child.
This Mother’s Day, don’t forget about all those godly mothers out there who’ve shown so much love and shed so many tears for their children. You may think they are old or indifferent, but that’s still mother, she deserves your love and respect. Not only on Mother’s Day, but every day.

That’s a real mother. She taught him the precepts of the Lord. She told him how he must be holy. She told him how and what he must live, and how, what God must do, would do for him. And it stuck with Moses all the days of his life. And any good, true, loyal mother that’ll take her little babies, instead of send them to picture shows and dances, and so forth like that, and she’ll put them on her lap and teach them about the Lord Jesus Christ…
The Invasion Of The United States 54-0509

Oh! Your family is what you are. You raise your child in a certain environment; it’s got a ninety-eight percent better chance to go right than it has if you bring it up in the wrong way. “Bring up a child in the way that it should go, and when it’s old, will not depart from it.” Be brought up right. Teach your children to do right, to be honest, to be square and fair, even when they’re in school.
The Influence Of Another 62-1013


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