Submission and Authority in the Home

Very important topic for families. This issue of man’s authority in the home needs to be addressed and wives and children need to check their rebellious natures at the door, wake up and start giving Daddy and Hubby his due respect. On the other side of the coin, Daddy and Hubby needs to pull up his socks and start acting better, dressing better, talking better and start taking his responsibility seriously. He represents Christ Jesus and how his family sees Jesus in their own lives is directly influenced by how they see you on a day to day basis.

Conrad Mbewe continues his exposition of biblical submission and exercise of authority, based on 1 Peter. This message – #4 of 6 – focuses on the family. We see here that rebellion against parents is not a narrow issue which one can work around. As with proper teaching about the broad intent and application of the 10 Commandments, biblical instruction about our responsibility to submit to God’s Word is comprehensive and our ability to obey is wretched. Hence, the Word convicts us of our need of Christ, in every area of our lives.

Messages 1 – 3 can be found here.