That Life!

        Oh, how we need in Jeffersonville thousands of lived voices, the thunder of God thundering out in sweetness and holiness, purity, undefiled lives, walking around in the earth today, without a blemish. Yes, sir, real Christians, that’s thunder against the enemy. The Devil doesn’t care how loud you can holler; the Devil doesn’t care how much you can jump or how much you can do this or shout. But what hurts the Devil is to see that sanctified, holy life consecrated to God; say anything to him, call him anything, just as sweet as he can be and move right on. Oh, my! That throws him away, that’s the thunder that shakes the Devil.
Just like, “Well,” you say, “if he could preach like a Billy Graham or an Oral Roberts, or somebody, a great influential speaker, he’d be… ” Oh, no! Sometimes the Devil just laughs at that. He doesn’t pay any more attention to that than nothing. You get all the theology you wanted to and all the seminary training, and the Devil just sits back and laughs at it. But when he sees that Life!

~ William Branham January 8, 1961 REVELATION CHAPTER FOUR in Jeffersonville, Indiana