What is all this noise about?

If people are to be saved by a message, it must contain at least some measure of knowledge. There must be light as well as fire. Some preachers are all light and no fire, and others are all fire and no light. What we need is both fire and light. I do not judge those men who are all fire and fury, but I wish they had a little more knowledge of what they talk about, and I think it would be well if they did not begin to preach quite so soon what they hardly understand themselves. It is a fine thing to stand up in a street and cry out, “Believe! Believe! Believe!” Yes, my dear soul, but what are we to believe? What is all this noise about?

Preachers of this sort are like the little boy who had been crying, and something happened that stopped him in the middle of his cry. Presently he said, “Ma please tell me, what was I crying about?” Emotion is doubtless a very proper thing in the pulpit. The feeling, the pathos, and the power of heart are good and grand things in the right place, but do also use your brains a little and tell us something when you stand up to preach the everlasting Gospel.

~ Charles H. Spurgeon