School is starting…

Pray for your children’s teachers.

Pray for wisdom and direction as they guide your children.

Pray for your involvment in their lives

and that you would be able to share the love of God with them

if they don’t already know Him.

Pray that any potentially harmful teachers would be removed

from influencing your children.

Pray for the children, that God will keep them in His care, and protection.


"O Dear God, Creator of Heavens and earth, guide our feet, Lord, that we’ll not do nothing before these little ones, that would put a stumbling block in their way. For it is said, it would be better that we have a millstone tied at our neck, and be cast into the sea, than to offend one of these little ones. You said, "Their Angels always behold My Father’s face which is in Heaven," the great Angel, and guardian Angel, over each of these little souls.
O Jehovah God, lead them, protect them. And may they find this great Leader, Jesus Christ, that will lead them when father and mother and the teachers are finished with them. May You lead them to Eternal Life, as You did to Moses, as their humble, little, child prayer went to You. I give them to You, Lord, as Your servant, as trophies and gems for Your crown. Use them, Lord, to honor You, on earth. In Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen." ~ William Branham