Enable Thy Servants

Many of our prayers are for a quick and easy solution. God is more glorified in his people when they exhibit his grace under pressure. When Peter and John had been discharged by the rulers, elders, and doctors of the Jewish law with orders not to speak again in the name of Jesus, the Christians prayed about it–“They raised their voices as one man and called upon God.” Their prayer was not, “Make these people stop persecuting Thy servant,” but, remembering the word of prophecy concerning how the Messiah was to be treated, they asked God only to notice what was happening to his servants and to enable them to speak with boldness (Acts 4:29 NEB).

We, too, may bring any difficult situation to our heavenly Father, laying it before his eyes, and asking not for instant escape but for “enablement”–for strength to sustain the burden and do what we ought to do without the fear of man. -E.E.

Scripture Reference: Acts 4:29-29