Old photos

Some of my distant and not so distant relatives.
My Grandfather, Joseph Walter Ivy, and his father

These three pictures were taken in or near Natchitoches Louisiana ( see this page for historical information) home of the world famous Christmas Festival of Lights. The elderly gentleman was the son of a Spanish immigrant who changed or altered his surname to Ivy and is my great-grandfather.

The younger gentleman, Joseph Walter Ivy, is my grandfather. Lou Ivy is his mother, a Caddo Indian.

My Great-Grandmother, Lou Ivy 


Great-grandfather Mr. Ivy, is daughter-in-law (my Grandmother) Juanita Ivy (nee Norsworthy), and her son, my father as a baby, Bill W. Ivy Sr

3 thoughts on “Old photos

  1. My Grandpa (Tom) — holding me standing next to my mother (Juanita) — worked for the railroad and farmed. During the depression he probably had more than most — A good job and a farm.
    My father tells me of the time while hunting on the property he found a moonshine steel that belonged to his dad (Tom). He told his mother (Lou) and she told him, “you didn’t see no still!” He insisted that he did and she insisted that he didn’t. Finally he got the message!
    Grandma (Lou) was a real small women, but could well take care of herself. She taught school at a young age.


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