11-1-11 | Thanksgiving Month

“I am rich enough”



photo: Harold SalaJohn Wesley was all of six years old when fire broke out in the frame house where he and his large family lived. It was one of the most vivid memories of his life. John was trapped on the second floor, unable to get out. He stood there at the window terrified, afraid to jump.

But a neighbor, standing on the shoulders of another man, was able to reach the little boy and pull him through the window just as the roof collapsed and fell, where, only moments before, John had been standing.

Telling of the event many years later, John Wesley wrote, "When they brought me to the house where my father was, he cried out, `Come neighbors, let us kneel down! Let us give thanks to God! He has given me all my eight children; let the house go, I am rich enough.’"

In 1709, the year this tragedy took place, there were no insurance policies guaranteeing the rebuilding of a house that had been engulfed in flames. Normally, a man’s life savings went into his house, and it was passed down to one of the children as an inheritance. But the house was of no concern: "I am rich enough!" he said, thanking God that the lives of his children had been spared.

image: Thanksgiving

This month Thanksgiving is observed in many parts of the world, and our thoughts must turn from the world’s financial crisis, our personal aches and pains, and how we are distressed to thank God for His faithfulness, the promises of His Word which cannot fail, and-yes, His goodness and mercy.


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