11-5-11 | Thanksgiving Month

I am thankful for the Men of Faith who have gone before me leaving behind a Godly example to follow. I am thankful for Men full of Godly Wisdom who aren’t afraid to share their experiences, good and bad, for my edification. 


“The appearance of my Father, when we parted – his advice, prayers, and tears – the road, the dyke, the climbing up on it and then walking away, head uncovered – have often, often, all through life, risen vividly before my mind, and do so now while I am writing, as if it had been but an hour ago.

In my earlier years particularly, when exposed to many temptations, his parting form rose before me as that of a guardian Angel. It is no pharisaism, but deep gratitude, which makes me here testify that the memory of that scene not only helped, by God’s grace, to keep me pure from the prevailing sins, but also stimulate me in all my studies, that I might not fall short of his hopes, and in all my Christian duties, that I might faithfully follow his shining example.” — John G. Patton (Missionary Patriarch) about his father James Patton


2 thoughts on “11-5-11 | Thanksgiving Month

  1. We all must have those in our life, that helped guide the way. We can not go it alone, God has ordained it so! And then we must realize that as life goes on, we also are to leave the same examples for others to follow.


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