Thanksgiving – A Day Of Freedom

As the Thanksgiving Holiday comes to a close, I’d like to share one more post about my favorite holiday! Below is a composite of several Thanksgiving themed blog posts and articles from Voice of God Recordings and Young Foundations. Check out all the videos, audios, pictures, and even recipes. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving – A Day Of Freedom Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tomorrow marks the memorable day of Thanksgiving. It’s a day to not only reflect the thanksgiving of the free nation that we live in, but the thanksgiving in our hearts of the resurrected Jesus Christ that gave His life on Calvary to give us Eternal freedom.

As you bow your heads around the table to thank God for your freedom and the natural food that He has grown and fixed for you, remember that something had to die so that you could have those things. Millions of soldiers died so that you could live under freedom of religion. The very food you’re eating had to die so that you can live. If something doesn’t die, you do not live, and if Christ had not died, you could not live.

How can we give thanks to God for so many blessings? For His Life. For His Love. For His grace. For our families. For our freedom. For this Message. We are a blessed and free people! Free from sin. Free from bondage. Free from sickness. Free from death.

The Son has made us free, and we are free indeed to serve our Lord and our Father. We thank Thee. Talk about a thanksgiving day for freedom, we’ve got a real… Every day’s a thanksgiving day; every hour’s a thanksgiving day. I, who was once blind can now see; I, who was a sinner am now saved. O God, how free we are, how we can give You thanksgiving, thanksgiving from our heart that Jesus Christ the Son of God is not dead but He’s alive among us tonight…William Branham 1959-11-26

To view past Thanksgiving articles, follow the links below:

Thanksgiving 2007:

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The Persecution Thursday part 1, November 01, 2007

The persecution has begun. The papacy and British Government want complete control of the people. Protestants around the countryside are refusing to give up their religious freedom without a fight. But it is a fight and stand that will most assuredly end in death and persecution for many of God’s children. For years to follow, the insurrection would continue with much fighting and intolerance. Hundreds, if not thousands are martyred for the cause of free worship. The “Puritans” are fleeing whenever the opportunity arises. Many don’t make it out of the country alive, but small groups are making their way to Amsterdam, where they hope to find peace.

The Journey Friday part 2, November 09, 2007

It’s time to go. Preparations have been made, and the weather is cooperating. The pastor is giving a sermon out of the book of Ezra. Spirits are high, but nervous. Some people are laughing, some are crying. People are separating from family and friends, but they are doing it willingly. They have decided to make this journey by their own free will.

The First Winter Friday part 3, November 16, 2007

The Pilgrims arrive in America under fair weather. Many men fall on their knees and bless God for delivering them from the perils and miseries of their past.

The First Thanksgiving Wednesday part 4, November 21, 2007

It's March 16, 1621. The Pilgrims are amazed when a friendly native named Samoset approaches them. He speaks broken English, but tells them of a man from the Wampanoag tribe that speaks good English and can help them. In a few days the Pilgrim leaders are introduced to the native called Squanto. He speaks amazingly well and introduces them to the local Wampanoag tribal leaders. The two groups of men talk all night, and agree to live in peace. A treaty is signed that will remain in place for 50 years.

Thanksgiving 2008, November 26, 2008

We often ponder the many blessings in our lives during the Thanksgiving season and all the things we ought to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving 2009, November 26, 2009

What are you thankful for? This was a common question that we asked many people over the past several weeks. You’ll see in the video above that the answers we received varied from orange juice, to kitty cats, to family, and most importantly, God.

Thanksgiving 2010 – Freedom, November 22, 2010

"If it's worth something, it's worth dying for." It was religious persecution that our forefathers fled from. It landed them on Plymouth Rock where this great nation of ours was founded on freedom of religion. As Brother Branham said, "And according to the Bible, of Revelations the 13th chapter, God had promised them an oasis and a place, for the woman was carried into the wilderness where she was fed for a time, time, and a dividing of time. God had made the promise to America, or to the church (to the woman) to come into this country."


Thanksgiving Recipes:

Apple Butter | Honey Butter | Cranberry Orange Muffins |

Sister Jeans Cranberry Relish | Broccoli Casserole | Mashed Potato Casserole |

Turkey Stuffing | Sweet Potato Souffle | Dutch Apple Pie

At the 2009 Giving Thanks dinner for the elderly, there were many delicious recipes that the sisters made. Even though some of these are family secret recipes, we've decided to let a few of them out for you to use in your holiday baking. Don't tell anyone!


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