Watching His Star

Watching His Star April 11, 1959

Over in the extreme east, the Magis worshipped the one true God. They waited on Him by a sacred fire, singing sacred hymns and discussing sacred Scriptures. Then they would climb into a great tower, like an observatory, and watch the heavenly bodies of the skies all night long. They believed that the moving of them meant different signs.

Night after night and year after year, they observed these stars. They knew every one by name. Then one night something changed. A stranger appeared among them, brighter than them all. Only three were chosen to see this beautiful heavenly gift moving in the sky, because they were looking for it. They began to search the scrolls and found that it was a prophecy being fulfilled, "There will be a Star rise out of Jacob." They saw that God had spoken that a Star would appear, and there It was. It was a gift to them to guide them to the Saviour.

In this last day, God has also sent us a Gift to guide us to the Saviour – the Holy Spirit. The three Magis saw a Star in the heavens that fulfilled one prophecy in the Scriptures, and they followed that Star to the King of Kings. This holiday season, don’t forget that we have seen Scripture after Scripture fulfilled and manifested in our day. It will lead us straight to Jesus Christ, if we’re looking for It and follow It.


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