Google to Personalizse Searches

Google to Personalize Searches

Your Google searches are about to get a whole lot more personal. Google rolled out personalized search-engine results Tuesday, which incorporate information from your connections—and private information—to customize what shows up in searches. Google Fellow Amit Singhal said Google will now search your “world” rather than just the Web. The new look is one more attempt by Google to compete with Facebook, with 800 million users is one the most popular websites. But the change is a radical departure for Google, which is looking to combine its dominant search engine with its fledgling social network, Google +.

First, it’s expanding search beyond public Web pages to the photos and posts you and others have shared privately. Second, as you type a person’s name into Google, it will automatically suggest people you are close to or may be interested in. Third, Google is guiding users to profiles and Google+ pages related to the topic of interest.

But how will users react?

"We want users to have control over what personal content they can search for at Google. We don’t want third parties dictating to users what they can or can’t search for in Google," Singhal said. "Based on the current policies at many social networks, users don’t have that control."

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