No Greater Name!

Notice, safety lay only in the place of His choosing, in His lamb, and in the name of the lamb. Notice, it was a “male” lamb, a he, not a her. Not a church, she; but His Name, not her name. Where He was going to meet the people was not in her name, but in His Name, Him, the Lamb! Now we say, “The church, the great, mighty church, she did this and she did that. She has weighed the storms. We’ve picked up in population. We’re great in numbers. We’re a mighty church. She is a great thing.” But God never said anything about a she. He said, “Him.” “Him,” is the meeting place, the Lamb, not the church. Not her name, but His Name. He didn’t put her name anywhere. He put His Name in “Him”! That’s why, “All we must do, in word or deed, we must do it all in the Name of Jesus Christ.” If we pray, we’ve got to pray in the Name of Jesus. If we ask a petition, we’ve got to ask in Jesus’ Name. If we walk, we walk in Jesus’ Name. If we talk, we talk in Jesus’ Name. If we baptize, we’ve got to baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ. For, “All that we do in word or in deed, do it in the Name of Jesus Christ.”
– William Branham; God’s Chosen Place Of Worship, February 20, 1965