PhDs on Food Stamps

Okay – here’s some sobering statistics. For years I’ve been talking about the limited value of many academic degrees. In the second presidential debate back in October, Governor Romney said 50% of last year’s college graduating class were either unemployed or seriously underemployed. Know any MBAs who are delivering pizzas? Yeah, so do I.

On The Dave Ramsey Show it’s consistently student loan debt that tops the list of crippling factors for people struggling to get by.

The real question employers want to know is – what are your marketable skills? How can you help our company get ahead? They really don’t care about that piece of paper in your hand – whether it’s a resume or a diploma.

Here are some startling figures showing how many highly “educated” people are on welfare or receiving food stamps. In fact, the number of PhDs and Master’s degree holders on welfare more than tripled between 2007 and 2010.

Thanks to our friend Mu Saleem for the informative infographic.

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Think carefully about buying that fancy diploma. Will it really give you a return on your investment? Real life success requires more than knowledge.

What skills have you found to be valuable in today’s marketplace?

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