How much do you really need?

How much do you really need?.

There is a wonderful story by Leo Tolstoy, written in 1886.  The very shortened details go something like this:  There once was a peasant named Pahom who worked hard and honestly for his family, but who had no land of his own.  By scrimping and saving, he managed to buy 40 acres of land.  He grew his own hay, cut his own trees, and fed his own cattle.  Then he heard about land in a neighboring territory where the land was so good that rye grew as high as a horse.  Pahom’s heart was filled with new desire.  So he bought land here and Farmwas ten times wealthier than he had been.  Then one day a passing merchant told Pahom that he had purchased thirteen thousand acres of rich land for only one thousand rubles.  Pahom traveled more than three hundred miles to this rich land to explore for himself.  The chief of the land told him the price was always the same:  one thousand rubles a day.  As much land as you can walk around in a day is yours and the price is one thousand rubles.

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