Hollywood’s Evil Seduction

…Hollywood is good at glossing over the real-life consequences of immorality. Hollywood functions as the cultural engine that pushes our nation toward destructive behavior, leaving a generation’s worth of children with no fathers, ensnared in a poverty both spiritual and financial. -David French (National Review)



…There is one special story that Hollywood always seems to love: Repressed man or woman rebels, finds sexual freedom, and — like Adam and Eve in the Garden — opens their eyes to a brave new world, except without the Fall. – David French




One thought on “Hollywood’s Evil Seduction

  1. While I believe the above quote, a person still has to admit Hollywood is all about money. Movie makers produce what sells — though they lean to the risque side. In that sense they are indeed leading. Through advertising they’ve created a demand for their product. But if it didn’t gross multimillion dollars, they wouldn’t be producing it. The appetite is there. If “Hollywood” disappeared tomorrow, someone else would supply that demand.

    And to be fair, what about writers? Have you checked out book stores and magazine stands lately? Then look back to Charles Dickens’ time; read Oliver Twist. Hollywood picks up on and is glamorizing what has always existed. Some famous writer said that Americans have always had their heroes and these heroes are usually from the criminal class. A century ago they were legends recounted; now they are in the movies.

    I think it comes back to what is in the heart of man. As the ladies of the WCTU learned to their dismay during Prohibition, if the appetite doesn’t change the demand will never cease.


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