Please pray for Billy Graham, who seems close to going home to be with the Lord.

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(Washington, D.C.) — Please join me in praying for Dr. Billy Graham, who at the age of 95, appears to fading and ready to go home to be with the Lord. Please also pray for his family and staff at this challenging and emotional time.

“Franklin Graham, son of the Rev. Billy Graham and president of his evangelistic association, gave an update on the minister’s health to The Christian Post this week, stating that while the elder Graham was not in any immediate danger, a simple cold could turn the tide,” reported the Christian Post. “Meanwhile, Will Graham, the elder evangelist’s grandson, has said he believes the 95-year-old Southern Baptist preacher was ready to ‘go home’ to be with the Lord.”

“He’s not doing real well,” Franklin Graham told The Christian Post on Thursday. “His vitals are good. It’s not like he’s in danger right this second. But if he…

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2 thoughts on “Please pray for Billy Graham, who seems close to going home to be with the Lord.

  1. He will be entering the presence of the Lord for sure, but if his beliefs are any indication, it won’t be into His glory, but into damnation. Have you seen the video where Robert Schuller interviews Graham? Billy Graham is quoted to say that he believes that many will go to heaven who are not in the bride of Christ. Muslims, Sikhs…will be saved as long as they love God. This goes against Scripture any way you slice it. Schuller of course was ecstatic because he is New Age, through and through. Billy graham needs to be saved, or he will face damnation.


  2. Billy Graham will have a special place in Heaven. Hundreds of thousands will drop by and thank him for pointing them to Jesus. What a legacy!! Oh that I could be as bold as Dr Graham is spreading the message of the loving kindness, forgiveness and salvation of God Almighty through Jesus.


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