Slavery or Freedom?

“Way down in Mozambique, four hundred and eighty miles from civilization, in the jungle, beatnik kids listen to Elvis Presley, jerking their head and bouncing up-and-down like that, all night long, With little sets that will pull for a thousand miles, plumb over in Rhodesia, to get Elvis Presley. And yet they say, “He is very religious, him and Pat Boone, and them.” Why, it’s the Judas of the hour, and don’t know it. That’s the bad part, they believe they’re right. Didn’t Jesus say to this Laodicean Church Age, “Thou art naked, miserable, wretched, blind, and don’t know it”? Don’t know it! Well, the Pentecostal kids down in Africa and around, say, “Well, Elvis Presley, he sings the prettiest you ever heard.” No doubt but what David did, too; no doubt but what the singers did, but it caused death to strike the camp. See where they’re, where we’re at today, friends?”

– William Branham_Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being The Will Of God_07/18/65


Galatians 5:1




Slavery or Freedom?



Did you know that prior to 1966 Hollywood was run by the church?


According to Ted Behr’s book, The Culture Wise Family, any movie that appeared on television was first heavily screened by a committee comprised both of the Roman Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. In fact, there was no room for profanity, nudity, sex, or unnecessary violence.


Two years after the church gave up its seat of authority, the first X-rated movie was produced. The church wanted to focus on missionary endeavors. Unfortunately, when the church reached Thailand, they found that Hollywood had already been there. In the jungle highlands of Thailand, there are satellite dishes run by generators connected by exposed wires that bring Hollywood into flimsy grass huts. The children in these villages try to dress like the Hollywood stars they idolize and try to mimic their lives—right down to the smoking, drinking, and sexual promiscuity.


Did you know that by the time the average American child is 17 years old, he or she has watched 63,000 hours of mass media, spent 11,000 hours in school, and gone to church for only 800 hours?


We are losing our children, our families, and our culture. It is a fact that whenever a culture becomes image saturated, they become a slave to what they thought would bring them freedom. Neil Postman voiced his concern so poignantly when he said that we as Americans are amusing ourselves to death.


May we heed the warning of Paul in Romans 13, to awake from our sleep, and cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.




For a story that demonstrates the fight of good against evil in a vivid way, Mark Hamby recommends Sir Knight of the Splendid Way.



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“A real, borned again child of God loves the Word and stays with the Word and with the Bible. God help you Canadians. Don’t never let that American pollution get in here. Where did it come from? Where do you get it from? America. Where does America get it? From Hollywood. Where did Hollywood get it? From hell. Why, here’s what has stripped our women. It’s made immoral everywhere. The whole world’s become a conglomeration of immorality.”

– William Branham_Faith_Prince Albert, Saskatchewan_08/15/1956


  “And so is it with America today, as the Holy Ghost cries in my heart. “How oft would I made you a flaming torch to the nations and to the world, but you accepted Hollywood. You accepted the fashions of the world. And now, you’ve been given over to a Jambres and Jannes and how your day has come. How that mighty men has swept the nations. How they have combed through for what they could get. Now, you’re pulling away and leaving to other nations.”

O God, she set in the ashes of her own ruin. She set upon her own barrel of glamour. And some glorious day the Son of God in His holy righteousness, will be revealed from heaven. Then where will we stand? O God, grant today that our hearts be established in Thee. Forgive us of our many sins.”

-William Branham_The Junction Of Time_Jeffersonville, IN_01/15/56


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  1. I read about this sometime ago, how the church censored Hollywood. That’s why in those old black and white movies you never saw a couple in bed together, always single beds, even newlyweds when they would show them waking up the next morning, looking across the room at their new husband or wife. As a boy I thought how strange, if I just got married I would want to have one bed and not two?


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