This is what happens to your body if you drink warm honey-lemon water in the morning

This is what happens to your body if you drink warm honey-lemon water in the morning

Adding lemon to water not only quenches thirst better than any other beverage, but it also nourishes our body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements which we absolutely need. Lemon with water can be considered the best natural energy booster. When we wake up in the morning, our bodily tissues are dehydrated and are in need of water to push out toxins and rejuvenate the cells. In other words, this homemade “lemonade” helps eliminate internal toxins, regulating proper kidney and digestive tract functions by forcing them to work as smoothly as possible.

20 Unbelievable Reasons To Start Your Day With Water and Lemon

  1. Water with lemon provides the body with electrolytes which hydrate your body. As lemons contain good amount of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  2. Water with lemon is good for the joints, reducing pain in the joints and muscles.
  3. Warm water with lemon helps digestion as lemon contains citric acid. It interacts with other enzymes and acids which easily stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and digestion.
  4. The liver produces more enzymes from water with lemon than from any other food.
  5. Water with lemon cleanses the liver. Lemon juice stimulates the liver to release toxins.
  6. Water with Lemon helps fight infections of the respiratory tract, sore throats and inflammation of the tonsils. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon.
  7. Warm water with lemon helps regulate natural bowel movement.
  8. Water with lemon is indispensable for the normal work of metabolism. Since lemon is a powerful antioxidant, it protects the body from free radicals and strengthens the immune system.
  9. Water with lemon aids in proper functioning of the nervous system (as lemon has a high content of potassium). Depression and anxiety are often the result of low levels of potassium in the blood. The nervous system needs a sufficient amount of potassium to ensure sustainable signals to the heart.
  10. Water with lemon cleanses blood, blood vessels and arteries.
  11. Water with lemon can help lower blood pressure. A daily intake of one lemon can reduce high blood pressure by 10%.
  12. Water with lemon creates an alkalizing effect in the body. Even if you drink it immediately before a meal, it can help your body maintain a higher level of pH. The higher the pH, the more your body is able to fight diseases.
  13. Water with lemon is good for the skin. Vitamin C in lemon, improves our skin by rejuvenating the body. Drinking water with lemon regularly (every morning) will improve the condition of your skin.
  14. Water with lemon helps to dilute uric acid, the built up of which leads to pain in the joints and gout.
  15. Water with lemon is beneficial for pregnant women. Since lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, it acts as an adaptogen helping the body cope with viruses such as colds. Furthermore, vitamin C helps the formation of bone tissue of the unborn baby. At the same time, due to the high content of potassium, a mixture of water with lemon helps forming cells of the brain and nervous system of the baby.
  16. Water with lemon relieves heartburn. For this, mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in half a glass of water.
  17. Water with lemon helps dissolve gallstones, kidney stones, pancreatic stones, and calcium deposits.
  18. Water with lemon helps with weight loss. Lemons contain pectin fiber, which helps suppress hunger cravings. Studies have proven people with a better alkaline diet have lost weight faster.
  19. Water with lemon helps with tooth pain and gingivitis.
  20. Water with lemon prevents cancer. This is due to the fact that lemons are a highly alkaline food. Multiple studies have found that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

How and when to drink water with lemon:

For this purpose, use warm purified or spring water. Take half a Cup of warm water without sugar and squeeze in there at least half of lemon or lime. Better to use a special juicer (to get the most juice with minimal effort). You can also use lemon essential oil. (where to find)

You need to drink water with lemon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Some recommend a drink of water one hour before meals for maximum results.

So, when life gives you a bunch of lemons, make water with lemons.

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193 thoughts on “This is what happens to your body if you drink warm honey-lemon water in the morning

    • there are zero scientific references to these sweeping claims – they could substitute coffee for lemon and many people would believe it. So.. over night one’s muscles become dehydrated?? what a load of drival

      • It’s not like they’re telling you to drink something toxic. If it doesn’t work it can’t harm you , it’s just water with lemon, Besides nobody is forced to try it so just ignore it and keep drinking your sodas or monsters or alcohol , because they have the scientific proof of making you unhealthy . Isn’t that what you want scientific proof . SMH

      • Health benefits of lemon

        Lemons are packed with numerous health benefiting nutrients. The fruit is less in calories, carrying just 29 calories per 100 g, the value being one of the lowest for the citrus fruits group.

        They contains zero saturated fats or cholesterol, but are good source of dietary fiber (7.36% of RDA). Lemon is one of the very low glycemic fruits.

        lemon’s acidic taste is because of citric acid. Citric acid constitutes up to 8% in its juice. Citric acid is a natural preservative, aids in smooth digestion, and helps dissolve kidney stones.

        Lemons, like other fellow citrus fruits, are an excellent source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid); provides about 88% of daily recommended intake. Ascorbic acid is a powerful water soluble natural anti-oxidant. This vitamin is helpful in preventing scurvy. Besides, consumption of foods rich in vitamin-C helps the human body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood.

        Lemons, like oranges, contain a variety of phytochemicals. Hesperetin, naringin, and naringenin are flavonoid glycosides commonly found in citrus fruits. Naringenin is found to have bio-active effect on human health as antioxidant, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, and immune system modulator. This substance has also been shown to reduce oxidant injury to DNA in the cells in-vitro studies.

        Additionally, they also compose a minute levels of vitamin A, and other flavonoid anti-oxidants such as α, and ß-carotenes, ß-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin and lutein. These compounds are known to have antioxidant properties. Vitamin A also required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin and is also essential for vision. Consumption of natural fruits rich in flavonoids helps the body to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.

        Total ORAC value, which measures the anti-oxidant strength of 100 g of fresh lemon juice is 1225 µmol TE (Trolex equivalents).

        The fruit is also a good source of B-complex vitamins such as pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, and folates. These essential in the sense that body requires them from external sources to replenish.

        Further, they carry a healthy amount of minerals like iron, copper, potassium, and calcium. Potassium in an important component of cell and body fluids helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

        Citrus fruits, as such, have long been valued for their wholesome nutritious and antioxidant properties. It is scientifically established fact that citrus fruits, especially lemons and oranges, by virtue of their richness in vitamins and minerals, have many proven health benefits. Moreover, it is now beginning to be appreciated that the other biologically active, non-nutrient compounds found in citrus fruits such as phyto-chemical antioxidants, and soluble as well as insoluble dietary fiber is helpful in reduction in the risk for cancers, many chronic diseases like arthritis, and from obesity and coronary heart diseases.

      • Your muscles DO in FACT become dehydrated overnight. Before you bash a scientifically proven claim (if you know how to use the internet you can find said facts) please research

      • I don’t know about the accuracy of the claims in this article but you do lose about 2 pounds of water weight over night and that is why it’s recommended to drink a couple of cups of water first thing in the morning.

      • This method has been used for years and years. . Why don’t you go ahead and just take a pill in the morning because it was created by professionals and not go on websites like these.

      • I also read that, if you drink this, you should use a straw, so you minimize the contact on your teeth. The juice can be hard on the teeth.

      • Actually, they can become dehydrated. As one who works out if I don’t hydrate right after workouts I feel cramps in my muscles and they only go away when I drink what can hydrate them well. Not everything hydrates them quickly and well, but lemon water does. Your comments shows much ignorance in the way of health, or you are trolling.

      • Well actually, when you wake up your body is completely dehydrated because it went 6-8 hours without water, so yes your muscles are dehydrated. And if you do not re hydrate yourself correctly, your body steals water from other vital parts of your body therefore further lacking in water, body needs hydration. Common sense and general knowledge really.

    • Not only is there no proof, but there are factual errors… Lemons are not alkaline, they are the exact opposite of alkaline, being very acidic. Soooo I’m not sure hoe adding acid to water will help with heartburn which is generally the result of too much acid… Hmmmmm. Guessing the article wasn’t written by a genius.

      • James, you may want to look into your own “genius” “facts.” It is scientifically proven that while citric acid is acidic to the touch, it in fact interacts with the body to form an alkaline condition once in your system. All while your highly processed, seemingly bland foods cause an acidic condition in the body which then supports inflammation, cancer, and numerous diseases. Google it. You may be surprised what you learn!

      • Its true that lemons are acidic but they are the only acidic foods that are alkaline they are the exception

      • Actually James – you’d be surprised what is considered alkaline and acid. Seems like lemon and grapefruit would be acid – but they are not. It’s a citrus fruit. Inside the body however, when lemon juice has been fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH of the body (pH above 7 is alkaline). Meat is acid. Here’s a chart:

      • James yes they are acidic but ingestion of lemons as well as many other acidic foods causes the body to be more alkaline. You can actually google and very quickly see a list of foods that cause the body’s ph to be more alkaline, one of which is citrus.

      • Actually as a sufferer of GERD I know that lemons DO contain alkaline as well as acid. However, GERD, or gastric reflux disorder, is a reduction of these acids in your stomach, so you have to replenish them with more acid for your digestive system to work properly. As gastric reflux, or GERD, causes many symptoms such as heartburn (due to the reduction of vital stomach acid), then lemon, (being acidic) is one way of restoring the acid in your stomach!

      • Guys, stop saying that this cannot hurt without a single knowledge of it! This article says that lemon with water has minerals that you body needs. Improper minerals can poison your body and create heavy metals contamination! It takes a long time to clean this up (my unfortunate first hand experience!)
        Cramping is not a sign of dehydration but lack of Magnesium – 1 capsule of Reacted Cal-Mag takes care of it and not just for a brief moment.
        Add to your body what is trully missing not what you believe or think or was told by others it is missing!!! Good luck.

      • When you consume lemon juice it has a paradoxical effect on the body which means it alkalises the system, thus it works for heartburn etc, check it out on google if you don’t want to believe a registered nurse 😀

    • I used in drink lemon water every day all day long, and I will tell it does help with weight loss. I would put lemon (real lemon) not concentrated in my water, and that’s what I started drinking all the time. Its addictive. No need for sugar. I’m getting some lemons on my next shopping.

      • Every summer at my grandmothers I use to drink hot water with real lemon, but just once a day first thing in morning, and I always would lose weight. I was thinking about doing it again.

    • Hi Gina, it’s aunt Dean here. I’m going to try this lemon and water myself, and I’ll let you know what it does for me!!!!!! Sounds like a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There’s zero references of ANY kind. Not even “my holistic doctor swears by this…”. Hopefully if they did have even anecdotal claims they’d be true, otherwise if some just made this up or is nothing more than hearsay or speculation it’s on the same level as misleading and lying.

    • Usually when things are in the ‘common knowledge’, a journalist doesn’t have to source the info… I mean, the effects of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a lemon have been documented for decades… All this person is doing is telling you to drink it in the morning. Do you really need the study that says there is citric acid in a lemon? Or how citric acid affects the body? I’d tell you to revisit any number of high school text books for scientific reference…

      • but it’s not common knowledge. In fact there is a lot of debate that the drinking acidic juice does not create an alkaline environment. I’m a lifelong veggie and health nut and personally I think if it gets you to drink more water period, lemon water all day, but the science for these claims just isn’t there.

    • With all due respect, you got your info from Wikipedia? Not sure that makes you very credible with regard to this topic. Also, I remember seeing a South Park episode blasting the validity of the term “toxins.” That wouldn’t be where you got your info, would it? 😉

      • If you question Wikipedia,then check wiki’s sources. I love Wikipedia because they are incredibly well cited and it’s so easy to fact check their own sources.

        Wikipedia was amazing when I was in college and doctoral programs. 2nd only to (the database for ALL peer reviewed literature)

        His comment is spot on correct.

      • CL

        My college instructor would not allow wikipedia to be cited…very unreliable! My kids have even found language in the and info that makes absolutely no sense within the definition!


    • I bought some lemon essential oil to try this and it says on the bottle “not for internal use.” Are there different kinds??

  1. I read somewhere about not drinking anything acidic, not even OJ, before meals because the acid may burn your stomach linings. But my mom always tells me to drink lemon honey water before sleep. I don’t doubt the amazing effects of this recipe but I just wouldn’t recommend drinking it on an empty stomach.

    • Now that is nonsense. Your stomach’s natural environment is pH 2-3 – i.e. incredibly acidic ‘ wheras this lemon water is so dilute it’ll barely be pH 6; from the point of view of your stomach, drinking lemon water makes it *less* acidic.

  2. I’m definetly going to give this a try. Seems you’ve caused quite the controversy with some of the readers.

    I’ve heard that it’s good to buy local honey because the honey is made with local pollens. It helps the body build up immunities to those pollens thus reducing allergies.

  3. I stopped reading after #12. A high pH is not equivalent to being healthier or your body being able to fight off more diseases. It just indicates high basicity which can actually be bad for you. Various parts of your body have various pH levels because that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s very basic high school level chemistry. I’ve personally been drinking honey lemon water for years just because it makes me feel good and has definitely helped with my metabolism and skin- however I don’t think it is appropriate to make all these scientific claims with no proof or backup.

    • To the last reader who attributes her good metabolism and better skin: isn’t that enough enough proof of the benefits of lemon, but you seem to still need more proof? Trust yourself, nature cures everything! It just does.

  4. While the lemon juice acts as a catalyst, the honey acts as a very pure fuel. Honey is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal… bacteria and fungus cannot survive in honey.

    A more potent recipe for cleansing your body, however, is 4 ounces of lemon juice mixed with two tablespoons of pure maple syrup and one teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper. Follow that with two 8oz glasses of pure water.

    This concoction will activate your liver, evacuate your intestines (natural laxative), cleanse your blood, and cause the release of endorphins into your bloodstream. Which means it also kills pain and gives you a slight buzz. It’s an especially good mixture for people who are trying to give up addictive substances.

  5. Look folks … Lemons, not so expensive. Clean water, not so expensive. Instead of dismissing the claims as drivel, why don’t you just try it. You might be pleasantly surprised. In the end, it won’t do any harm. And, if you don’t like it you can go back to your diet Coke.

  6. All the claims are for water with lemon. Honey has nothing to do with it. Seems like a mistake on the headline-writer’s part to me.

  7. If in the desert countries who purify their water using reverse osmosis, i think better to use “natural mineral water” for this purpose because your cells really need those natural minerals in the morning.

    • I’m in a desert country. do you know where I could find natural mineral water or at least the brand names I could look for?

  8. OK, #20 is plain and simple, just wrong. Lemons are an alkaline food? Sorry, they contain citric acid (as stated in #3). As we all know, acidic foods contain acid, alkaline foods contain bases, and acids and bases are opposites. And point #12 (creates an alkalizing effect)? Again, it’s acidic, and acidic foods create acidic effects, LOWERING the pH, not raising it as alkalis do. Sorry, can’t have it both ways. All said and done, I enjoy and believe lemon juice and honey are tasty and are part of a healthy diet, but this article seems to grab all the buzzwords to make all sorts of claims.

  9. I like lemon water. I like lemon honey tea. I don’t give a rip what the benefits of it are. It’s yummy and makes me happy. Before you pop off saying that “this is a bunch of hooey…where are the facts” just try it! And, if you pucker hard enough, maybe someone will give you a yummy kiss! Hopefully someone you know! 🙂

  10. Unscientific drivel. I especially like #20- anti cancer properties due to alkalinity. pH is acidified in the stomach and then balanced upon absorption to the blood…

  11. Why is there an article about lemon water in the first place? It’s not like it’s a novel concept. They serve it at restaurants a lot so we all probably drink it a fair amount. Lemon mint water is really good. I’ve also made apple ginger water, which I really like as well. You can put almost any fruit or vegetable in water.

  12. Lemon water consumed regularly will slowly erode the enamel right off your teeth. Add honey and it will rot your teeth 10X faster. I don’t care how good it tastes – you couldn’t pay me to drink it on a regular basis. In my professional practice, I’ve seen people literally rot the teeth right out of their mouths in a relatively short time by drinking these stupid “health” drinks that somebody thought sounded like a good idea. I hope you like smiling with no teeth…or paying your dentist big bucks to fix the damage. Maybe do some serious scientific research into the side-effects of these “health” drinks before suggesting them to other people. The harm you do by recommending stuff like this is irresponsible and negligent.

  13. I’ve tried it once during 3 days and lemon is so sour that I had stomachpain. Should this be better with honey (or really just for the flavor?) ?

  14. Lemons do not contain “good amounts of electrolytes” what the “recipe calls for would equate to less than 1% of the drv of calcium and magnesium, and 1% potassium, What a lemon is high in is Vitamin C at 51% of the drv

  15. I tend to the view that humankind, being omnivorous beasties, whom has evolved over 200,000 years, it would be likely his/her bodies have long since evolved to extract such nutritional needs as they have from a wide variety of foods; lemon and honey being just two things, both good for the body, in moderation, as are so many other products of mother nature’s larder. Moderation in all things and healthy living seem desirable and if one lives where lemons and honey cannot be got then one can live on such other foods as nature produces in your neck of the woods in the reasonable expectation that one may just get by in ordinary, rude health.

  16. This is absolute nonsense. Lemons are ACIDIC, with pH of 2-3. One can not regulate pH of blood just by drinking this or that. Lemons and honey are beneficial in other ways, but have nothing to do with “alcalizing” your body. Just another proof of facebook and people stupidity.

  17. All Lemon and no Honey? Why mention Honey if it is only in the title. The Article should be about the benefits of drinking warm lemon water. The honey is not important at all.

  18. I’m interested in the facts and research about the cancer fighting properties. When I search for actual studies, all I find is that it’s only been tested in Petri dishes, not in humans- so there’s no proof that cancer cells in the body’s environment die. I’m all for drinking or taking something that might help in the long run (and not harm me), but please don’t think that drinking lemon water is a substitute for medical care.

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  21. I drink this every morning. I have substitute my morning coffee with a cup of warm lemon water. I am reaping the benefits as I do not fall sick that often anymore.

  22. I vouch for the goodness of lemon. It helps me in my weight loss. Friends who saw me growing thinner asked what was my secret. I told them, “It’ just lemon.” Now they are reaping the benefits of this zesty citrus too.

  23. If you do much reading in medical journals or scienetific journals or even casual ‘health’ articles; you’d find these claims are stated in many places. It has always been my understanding that when something is “general knowledge” it doesn’t need to be referenced.

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  25. I would like to caution people with gerd. I already take proton pump inhibitors and the lemon still exacerbates the gerd. While a positive for most, unfortunately this isn’t for everyone.

  26. A lot of the benefits listed are because of the water by itself. The others appear to be hypotheses about how citric acid works within our body. Some of it could be true but I don’t think any of it has been proven. Just drinking more water in general would benefit many people. If people drink more water with lemon in it then so be it. That’s why most people are seeing effects, water is a good thing. As far as the acid/base discussion people are crying about a weak acid acts as a buffer i.e. citric acid. However because it’s a good preservative you’ll find it in a variety of foods so drinking lemons really isn’t adding much since we get a lot from normal diets already. Keep in mind you also find it in a variety of cleaning products and cosmetics which are toxic.

  27. You missed one: lemon provides bioflavonoids, a natural source of antihistamine that helps dry up allergies type runny nose, itch watery eyes, raw throat. Honey when taken from local sources, help stop allergy symptoms too and is very healing to a raw throat.

  28. Even some good people, are lacking in their mental ability to absorb valuable information, let alone retain it. Which befuddles me and leads me to question, “Why are those with the mental ability so determined to educate those without the mental ability??” I makes me just wonder if some people are not as educated as they think they are.. It’s simple, lemon is good for you..

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  31. Buying lemon water isnt the same. Its has added sugar and it need to be warm, and for you ppl saying coffee could do the same, literally pick up a book and read how bad coffee is for ur teeth, diet and health . Idiots

  32. Can any body tell what will happen if we drink honey with hot water after Breakfast? if we drinking twice a day it is good for our health?

  33. This sounded good, until I saw the suggestion of using lemon essential oil in place of real, fresh squeezed lemon juice. EOS (essential oils), are not water soluable, therefore will not combine with water. EOS are highly potent, concentrations of oil, in this case from the lemon. When the lemon is processed to make EOS, while many benificial propertis are intensified possibly hundreds to thousands of time that which would be found in the fresh fruit, EOS are unable to maintain the same nutritionally beneficial property’s cited in this article. EOS are amazing in their right place. Safe, responsable and educated use of essential oils would dictate ingestion only under the advice and supervision of a Certified Aromatherapist. Possibly, the tell tale intentions of the author are found in the link to doterra…an MLM (multi level marketing) company which has been know to have quite a few reps that encourage EOS ingestion and applying EOS undiluted (called neet) to the skin without the backing of a Certified Aromatherapist.

  34. Can I just point out that nothing has ever been proven to dissolve gallstones? Having just had my gallbladder removed because of mobile stones – and having researched alternative western and easyern medical options to surgery – the only proven and accepted treatment of gallstones is surgery. Please, if you have or suspect gallstones or pancreatitis, go to a medical professional ASAP.

  35. First off ITS A LEMON! With purified water and option of using honey! How bad is it? I mean it’s okay to state an opinion of difference, (it is a blog) but if the being if the blogger Belives it, or have tried it, and is sharing it then kudos!

    The effect of the lemon “slowly” eroding the teeth stated by some, should start a blog about sodas, candy, or coffee, Which also does damage to the teeth!
    Regardless of textbook sources and ect, those who disagree have you tried it! Keep in mind There is a reason why they come out with newer versions of the same books! I’ve tried it and it works! As for DS, you said this was proof of FB and people’s stupidity? Ummm where’s your source on that?

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