Christmas Begins with Christ

Christmas Begins with Christ

Christmas should be a time when people gather to magnify the true Joy to the world, our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s free gift of salvation was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and died to take our punishment away forever. On December 25, people all across the globe recognize the momentous occasion of the Savior’s birth and how He changed the world.

Likely, every believer knows the story, but I challenge you to read the story anew and open your heart to the words of the Gospel. The Creator preserved His Word so that you could hear this blessed story.

This Messiah was born so that we could know God and believe on His name. This Savior changed the world because He loved us. This was the only begotten Son, and He is the reason that this ministry and thousands of others around the world continue to preach the Gospel and share this truth. We have the honor of helping believers who want to promote the Gospel where they live and around the world.

When a pastor wants to rent a facility for a Christmas program but is told he cannot, we help that church reach that community by preventing religious discrimination. When someone is inviting people to a ministry for services but told they cannot distribute flyers or tracts, we help them by legally assisting them. It is our ministry to help you proclaim Jesus Christ in your local area—and we do it for free. We want to help you in any way because we are called to serve you as you serve Him.

Helping Those in Need

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year!  Almost everyone enjoys the Christmas season with its twinkling lights, carol singing, candle-lit church services, special food, and fellowship with family and friends.  It’s a great time of the year—-a time to forget old problems and bask in the wonder of the Christ Child and God’s unbelievably great Gift to us all.  In so many of our lives it is truly “days of feasting and joy and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor.Esther 9:22

We should be careful not to neglect the phrase at the end of that verse during this season of joy.  The number of poor and homeless is increasing dramatically in America.  In every city you can see someone holding a placard begging for food.  The need is there and we Christians should respond.

Several years ago our youngest son, Jonathan, planned on spending Christmas day at a soup kitchen feeding the homeless.  His decision to do that meant more to us than any present he could offer us.

Think about ways that you could set aside some time to help others during this Christmas season.  Be sure to tell those you assist about the Good News of Jesus’ birth that prompts you to reach out—-especially at this time of year.

Let this Christmas be memorable for your family by reaching out to the poor in your neighborhood.

Remember to wish a hearty “Merry Christmas” to everyone you meet, including the person who serves you at the restaurant or who checks out your groceries.  Even if you are doing business at your local city hall or are in some other government building, you may say “Merry Christmas” to the public worker who assists you.

Think of new ways to celebrate Christmas in your family, in your church, and in your community.  Build traditions that can be carried on throughout the years. Focus especially on ways to help others at this time of year.  And remember that Christmas is not about money.  It’s about God’s love for us and a time that we can, in turn, share that with others through this Christmas season.



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