Don’t Just Say I Love you, SAY MORE, DO MORE

I know it’s an advertising gimmick, but there is something to say about true expressions of love. Love is more than just a word. These moving videos are some examples of real couples expressing their love in words other than saying “I love you”.

This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Say I Love You … Put Your Heart To Paper

Saying “I love you” is easy. It’s three little words. What’s hard is going beyond that, going deeper than that. Expressing how you really feel.

That’s why Hallmark asked real-life couples to answer simple questions about their partner without using the word “love” and captured their comments on video. They found that by removing that one little word, couples revealed how they truly felt and were better prepared to put their heart to paper.

The results can be seen on Hallmark’s YouTube page and shared using #PutYourHeartToPaper.

Couples featured came from all walks of life and various relationship stages, including Felicita and Hiram, who have been together for 15 years. “It’s like a spark that doesn’t die out,” said Felicita of her connection to her husband.

“They say that two become one, we have really done that and that just says it all,” said Bob about his wife of 56 years, Kim.

“Today, there are so many ways to connect,” said Pam Kelley, Hallmark Editorial Director. “But when you need more than a text or social media, Hallmark makes it easy to say just how you feel in a way that’s real and lasting.”







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