Perfect Mother

“Perfect mother…there is no such thing (although many of today’s moms seem to be chasing that elusive butterfly)…but she was a “good enough mom.” Good enough is that you love your child unconditionally, protect and provide adequately, and discipline with righteous authority. Those four things are really all a child needs in order to grow up into a responsible and compassionate human being, and that is all everyone else is really asking of you. Grow a child who will treat other people – including smaller, younger, less talented, less intelligent, and even crazy people – with respect. That doesn’t mean he has to get up close and personal with them, especially if they’re crazy, but nonetheless treat them with respect. That’s what my mom taught me. If I came home and told her another kid was getting picked on, my mom would tell me to invite him over to our house. If I told her some other kid just didn’t seem to get a certain subject, my mom told me to help him. Ugly kid? “Beauty is only skin deep,” she would say. Mean kid? “You need to learn how to get along with him,” she’d say. When I told her that I wanted to go to Western Illinois University because all my friends were going there and for no other reason, even though I’d been accepted at Yale, she smiled and wished me well. When I joined a rock ‘n’ roll band and I made more Fs than all my other grades combined for two semesters, she said nothing. She let me find my own way. That’s what a mother is for. I loved my mom, and I miss her. She taught me that women were interesting people and that women were authority figures. She was loving, but she could send shivers up and down my backbone. This Sunday, I’m taking my wife out for Mother’s Day Lunch with other moms our age who’s kids are far away. We will celebrate my wife, but we’ll also celebrate our moms. They done good.”
– John Rosemond


One thought on “Perfect Mother

  1. I would like to go on record to say that my wife is as close to the perfect mom and wife that God ever graced this earth with.

    She is amazing, sacrificial, loving and very wise. May God bless our family with many, many years with her. I couldn’t imagine our lives without her. 🙂


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