#flashbackfriday Grandma Edition


#FlashbackFriday: Grandma Edition.

Largely because they think life should be fair, children tend to complain a lot. In fact, whenever you encounter adults who complain a lot about the many inequities and injustices that have beset their lives or the bad hand of cards they’ve been dealt, you can bet you have encountered adults who are still, emotionally and intellectually, children.

One of the hurdles that separates childhood from authentic adulthood is accepting responsibility for your lot in life along with accepting that, in the final analysis, the only person who can alter your lot in life is you. Authentic adults see the proverbial glass as half full while perpetual children tend to see it as half empty. It’s hard to satisfy a child, and the more one tries to satisfy a child, the harder it becomes. One of the most important parenting tasks is helping children to see the glass as half full. So when children complained, Grandma would say, “Count your blessings.”

I think my generation, the early Baby Boomers (those born before 1955), is the last reasonably sturdy American generation (but we were not, by a long shot, as sturdy as our parents’ generation). By and large, we looked forward to leaving home and being on our own. By and large, we took and take responsibility for our lives. We learned early not to size ourselves to our britches, to stew in our own juices, and to count our blessings. That’s how we learned, eventually, to stand on our own two feet.

In other words, these things Grandma said are the stuff of personal sturdiness. As such, they are the stuff of sturdy marriages, sturdy communities, and a sturdy nation. Truly, American is strengthened by citizens who count their blessings.

Give thanks, children, give thanks. #GrandmaWasRightAfterAllBook

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