About me … briefly

Welcome to Photos Hodgepodge and Miscellany! The name itself should provide enough of a description to tell you what this blog is about. But just in case you’re still clueless, I shall try to help you out. Photos Hodgepodge and Miscellany is quite simply “things” (mostly articles) that interest me and I hope you find interesting as well. I am a Christian, and many articles/postings will be religious in nature. That is by design since that is who I am. Almost 100 % of the posted articles will lean towards encouragement. 

The second page will be a place for me to showcase my very limited skills in photography. If you are an expert or even if you aren’t but think you can offer suggestions to help improve my photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Under no circumstance shall any photo be copied, sold, or used without first obtaining written permission from the copyright owner – me! 

The third page should also be quite obvious. It is where I shall link up items on my current wish list. Everyone has one, whether or not it’s actually in list form. Once I have purchased an item, or obtained it otherwise, I shall remove it from the list. 

Looking forward to any comments, contributions, or suggestions.

(All pictures in the Header were taken by the author of this blog)
God richly bless you!  
You may contact me HERE

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