The Blessings of America

“d” by Pat Sajak, September 4, 2017 On this Labor Day my thoughts are with a laborer I wish I had taken the time to know better: For much of my life, I carried an extra letter with me. It was a “d.” My name was Patrick Sajdak, S-a-j-d-a-k. It was pronounced as it is […]

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Heaven’s Point of View

One of the most important lessons I learned in business was that if all you’re getting from your team is a single point of view — usually your point of view – you’ve got to worry. You can get your own point of view for free. Lee Iacocca, auto executive

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Leadership is NOT Position

The Mythical Leader: 7 Myths of Leadership Misunderstanding Leadership My friend Ron Edmondson is a pastor, author, blogger, and consultant. After reading his leadership book The Mythical Leader: Seven Myths of Leadership, I followed up with him to discuss the many misunderstandings people have about leadership. “ “Leadership is influence.” -John Maxwell · Tweet This […]

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3 Times as Much

Complaining has the potential to sabotage the morale, engagement and culture of your team, family, group etc. It not only sabotages your own happiness and success but of everyone around you. Most people complain for two main reason: 1. They feel powerless, 2. It’s a habit. Some people complain about others, because there is something […]

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Matt Walsh: If you find it easy to be a Christian, you probably aren’t one – TheBlaze

The danger comes when we lose sight of how luxurious our situation is, particularly compared to how Christians elsewhere in the world and throughout history have fared. If we delude ourselves on this point, we may think that our religious convictions have somehow been tested and proven when a guy we knew in high school […]

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