Great leaders don’t need to pull rank

The days when leaders could succeed by pulling rank and asserting their own authority are long gone, writes Frank Sonnenburg. Today’s best bosses focus on building trusting relationships with their workers, and rely on humility, credibility and integrity to win people over. “[T]hey’re effective because they’re knowledgeable, admired, trusted, and respected,” Sonnenburg writes. 5 Measures […]

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Rediscovering Leadership: Service Versus Self-Interest

Rediscovering Leadership: Service Versus Self-Interest. excerpts: SERVICE OR SELF-INTEREST? Throughout time, leaders who have exhibited the proper kind of custodianship—that is, leaders who have sought service over self-interest—have been held in high regard. People have gladly looked to them for direction and guidance in times of indecision, turmoil and trouble. Late American newspaper commentator Walter […]

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