#flashbackfriday Grandma Edition

#FlashbackFriday: Grandma Edition. Largely because they think life should be fair, children tend to complain a lot. In fact, whenever you encounter adults who complain a lot about the many inequities and injustices that have beset their lives or the bad hand of cards they’ve been dealt, you can bet you have encountered adults who […]

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Perfect Mother

“Perfect mother…there is no such thing (although many of today’s moms seem to be chasing that elusive butterfly)…but she was a “good enough mom.” Good enough is that you love your child unconditionally, protect and provide adequately, and discipline with righteous authority. Those four things are really all a child needs in order to grow […]

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  Developing a Humble Attitude A mother who attended a recent presentation during which I described the differences between high self-esteem and humility writes asking “What should my husband and I be doing to help our children develop humble hearts?” Before I answer her question, I need to point out two things: First, humility was […]

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Because I Said So.

            “Because I said so” is nothing more than an affirmation of the legitimacy of the authority of the parent in question. The parent is an adult; the child is not. The child is completely dependent upon the parent for his or her very survival. The parent would take a bullet for the child; the likelihood that […]

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No Other Work So Noble

“Oh that God would give every mother a visionof the glory and splendor of the work that is given to herwhen a babe is placed in her bosom to be nursed and trained! Could she have but one glimpseinto the future of that life as it reaches on into eternity;could she look into it’s soul to […]

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Shade for Our Children

Shade for Our Children by John MacArthur An old Chinese proverb says, “One generation plants the trees and another gets the shade.” Our generation lives in the shade of many trees that were planted by our ancestors. In spiritual terms, we derive shade from our parents’ and grandparents’ ethical standards, their perceptions of right and […]

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Parenting Tip 101

  “There should never be any question about who’s running the family circus. It is a child’s inalienable right to be informed early in life that parents are the ringmasters.” – John Rosemond

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